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Health Insurance Enrollment Dates

Under 65 Individual:
Open Enrollment: 11/1/2021 - 12/15/2021
Special Enrollment: Anytime within 60 days of a qualifying event.

Medicare Supplement:
Open Enrollment: Within 6 months of Part B Effective date

Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Coverage:
Open Enrollment: 10/15/2021 - 12/7/2021
Call for details and for special enrollment information for medicare advantage.

Dental, Non-ACA short term medical, accident only DI, long term DI, long term care, cancer/heart attack/stroke lump sum insurance, life insurance are all available throughout the year.  Call for quote and review.

Non-insurance plan membership Medi-Share available any time. Click here for program guidelines.

Under 65 Individual Coverage
2022 Plan Year
(This is not for Medicare members)

Current Members (with Subsidy)
Update your income estimate for 2022 and re-enroll in your plan.  Plans will passively re-enroll you without this but a percentage of these will not reconnect with the subsidy so it is recommended to do this "active re-enrollment" to insure your subsidy is picked up again for 2022.

You can call the Marketplace at 1-800-318-2596 any time to update income information and re-enroll, or you can schedule a phone call or GoToMeeting with Ben.  Click on Schedule Consultation.

Current Members (without Subsidy)
Automatic re-enrollment for 2022.  If you'd like to review, then click Schedule Consultation.

Prospective New Members
New enrollments throughout the year for qualifying events
Click Schedule Consultation.

The Federal "Marketplace" sends blanket notices, emails and/or texts that say, "Update or risk losing subsidy." Even if you have already done so, you will still continue to receive these messages.

Check with me or call the Marketplace at 1-800-318-2596 if you are unsure. There is no need to re-enroll twice and doing so may foul up your enrollment.

Carrier Contact Information

Blue Cross Blue Shield of SC
ACA plan member service and billing - 855-404-6752
Grandfathered Policies - 800-868-2500
South Carolina Blues (My Health Toolkit*)

Blue Choice of SC
ACA plan member service - 855-816-7636
Billing - 866-569-5933
Blue Options of SC (My Health Toolkit*)

Marketplace (for those on subsidy/tax credit)

*Sign up for the My Health Toolkit on the inurance carriers' website for personal benefit information, secure messages to member representative, billing status, ID card replacement and more.

2021 BCBS Plan Brochure **

2021 Blue Option Plan **

** For specific plan summary of benefits email or contact

health insurance

Preventative Care

If your policy was purchased after March 2010, you should refer to the USPSTF recommendations for covered preventative care services. Some changes made to policies effective prior to that date also now use the USPSTF guidelines. Older policies that previously had preventative care included would still include lab work as a preventative service up to the $300 limit. The newer guidelines don't cover much lab work as part of a routine check up.

Global Medical Insurance

Meet Ben Howell

Ben Howell Insurance Agency SC

Ben Howell, CLU, ChFC*

  • Licensed since 1992
  • 1984 BA Education, UNC-CH
  • Married with 3 adult children
  • Hobbies include long distance running, cycling, swimming and music-CCM

*Professional designations denote rigorous study and competency in the following areas: financial planning, insurance analysis, asset growth and protection, preservation of estate, and knowledge regarding contracts and taxes

Schedule an Appointment

Phone Call or GoToMeeting - Most under 65 individual appointments can be done with a phone call or online video chat. If you schedule a GoToMeeting, then an email link will be sent to you that you simply click on and launch Citrix. You will then be able to see and hear the agent, Ben. You will be able to view what is on his screen. Saves travel time and is convenient. Try the GoToMeeting instead of face to face.

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